K!3 - Killstealing Bastards

we steal your kill @ will


We are ...

  • We are a Group of People who like to play together.
  • We are not a Clan.
  • We don't have the usual Obligations of a Clan.
  • We like Humor, even if we kill each other in the Game.
  • We fight together.
  • We use TeamSpeak ingame and even for the "little private talk".
  • We speak german and/or english.
  • We do not tolerate racistic and/or discriminating Language and Propaganda.
  • We first played battlefield_Play4Free at play4free.com
  • We also play Battlefield 4 at battlefield.com. <- our K!3-Platoon
  • We play actually Battlefield 1
  • We also got a Steam Group. <- [Ki3] - Killstealing-Bastards
  • We are the older People.


Our Convention


Like every Group we have some

  • Act always and everywhere friendly (Common Sense).
  • A Headset and Teamspeak is necessary. (mic + loudspeaker are ok too)
  • Speak German or English.
  • Minimum Age is 25+
  • ...


The Players

The big Brother: Ki3-Kolossos
WannaBe: just ask us ingame



Some more Stuff


The News

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Friends, Fans and Partner

Die Volleulen

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